Why I am beginning to resent my vagina


1. Work twice as hard as the males at your workplace, get criticized twice as much.

2. Wanting to drop out of school and just be someone’s wife in order to avoid the stupid and competitive male-dominated workforce…and then realizing that dropping out and getting married is exactly what said workforce wants me to do. 

3. Realizing that I am more convincing when I am emotional rather than rational, because that is how society is trained to react to the female gender. 

4. Watching women pick at their salads and tiny portions while men gorge on carb-laden plates, and realizing that each is merely fulfilling their gender expectations. 

5. Dealing with the fact that my country and even college does not support me having reproductive rights. 

6. Seeing the subordinate position female newscasters must take to male coworkers in order to survive in their career. Oh, and that they have to look and dress a certain, appealing way even to get the job in the first place.

7. Girls kissing other girls at parties, in front of guys, to get GUY attention. Thanks for making the plight of the American lesbian about ten times harder to overcome by making yourself into a piece of meat. 

8. In that same vein, anything associated with brides and their weddings. Why don’t you just literally chain yourself to the man? Nah, I guess the purity symbolism, name change and heteroexclusivity does the job for you. Barf. 

9. Women in the public sphere who speak out against the rights of other women. Are you men in boob suits? 

10. The fact that I guiltily read crap like Glamour magazine and catch myself buying into the sexist drivel they are selling to women. 


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