I am so frustrated with myself! Not only did I bomb an easy quiz today, I am being charged an additional $80 for forgetting to tell the housing RD that I’ve been moving my stuff from one apartment to another. She helped me in finding new roommates and, when I was supposed to tell her whether I wanted to end up there, I just moved my stuff in slowly and didn’t say anything. This was because I was busy with work, with Paul, with school…I guess I just don’t have an excuse but I certainly wasn’t trying to keep anything from her. It completely slipped my mind. And now I’m the recipient of a very angry email telling me that I was unsafe in my actions. I feel really bad, actually, because she gets in trouble if I go missing (why, I don’t know) and no one knows where I live. Also, the key/door locking situation was pretty unsafe. I hate being penalized when I didn’t mean any harm, but I suppose I’d do the same thing in her shoes. 😦 Crappy day. 


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