Serious green


Paul and I spent the majority of the day downtown and we spent some heavy amounts of cash. We ate dim sum in Chinatown, I bought us massages, he bought an expensive dinner. It was a relatively fun day, but our wallets are hurtin’! It’s hard to remember, when we’re caught up in the glamour of Seattle, to keep with our spartan college budgets. Also, my masseuse (to be fair, he was a student) basically just poked and prodded me for an hour. I also didn’t take my clothes off because a) his name was Omar, b) he was a he and c) I like to keep my chunk under wraps. 

Paul amazingly navigated the steep-as-shit Seattle hills with a stick shift, and also was very nice in facilitating transportation for our beloved JoyceMarieDvorak. I am exhausted now and want nothing more than to crawl into bed. My favorite part of the day was eating dinner with Paul, Joyce, Mattea and Dan…car stories are the best stories. 


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