A grey day


It’s my second official day of vacation; I’m in Sammamish staying at Paul’s family home. His family reminds me so much of my own. His parents grew up on Oahu and have lots of the witticisms and haolified pidgin as Jill and Jables.

His dad and aunt are very concerned with Paul’s post-undergrad plans, since he’s firm on staying in Spokane this summer (this has nothing to do with my being there too, of course). I feel a bit in the way when these conversations come up, because I am not necessarily a step toward med school for Paul; I am a strong presence in his life and do not serve an academic nor vocational purpose to it. They are wonderful people and if anything, I understand their possible (growing?) concern with his attachment to me. The last thing I want to be is something holding him back.

Paul is set on becoming a doctor, which translates out to a bevy of years just devoted toward getting into medical school! He has to get an internship at a hospital, study and pass the MCAT test, apply for schools… Meanwhile, I am a lowly sophomore who will get her BS in Journalism with little or no effort. (The Bulletin can be hard. Journalism classes, not so much.) I am young and dumb and unfamiliar with boyfriends, but I am also deeply into this Paul character. We may be on completely different life paths, but I want to make them diverge. I have never met anyone like him in all of my 20 years, and I don’t think I will come across someone like him ever again.

Aside from thoughts about the fearsome future, I am having an excellent time! I’m finishing a book I bought a few weeks ago in Portland. It is called A Friend of the Family and IT IS TWISTED. If you like fucked-up family stories with toilet abortions, secrets and flashbacks galore, this is the book for you. I keep putting it down, wincing and then coming back to it. I wish I had brought more books because I will be having lots of downtime while Paul finishes the homework his insensitive and calloused biology teachers have assigned over spring break. When he’s done, we have grand plans for a city trip to peruse aquarium-zoo-favoriteburgerjoint-massageparlor-Chinatown-museum-undergroundtouring adventures. Not to mention seeing JOYCE DVORAK on Thursday. (Joyce, I just found our ‘taco party’ confidential party plan…those were the days.)

I hope everyone is either having a great spring break or on their way to one! (Lauren Campbell)


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  1. This was unbelievably sweet, I’m jealous you and Joyce are meeting up! I can’t believe we’ve all changed so much since high school and we’re barely halfway through college.


    I wish we kept the one where we outlined our plan to move to Nebraska, live off the ole Dvorak homestead and rename ourselves Little Foot and Chicken Joe.

    • Wait, was it the one we made for that Mexican themed birthday you had? You’re right, those were the days. If only we knew how good we had it back then… ❤

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