Best date night ever


So we walked downtown at around 3, went to a bar where I had the pleasure of watching Paul drink a beer, ate Jimmy Johns, walked back over the Monroe Bridge, ended up at a Chiefs hockey game (they lost), walked back to campus and drove to the NorthTown mall to watch ‘Project X’. While it is very similar to ‘Superbad’ and ‘The Hangover’, but the self-made quality of it was refreshingly unusual. Costa, the naughty best friend, is hilarious. I have been singing ‘Heeeey, we want some puuuuuussssaaaaay’ all morning, despite the fact that I am a feminist and hate all that shit. 🙂 How was your Friday night?

PS: Listen to this.





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  1. Courtney.
    Thank you for leading me to all these porn sites in the search of your tumblr. It was worth it once I found it though.
    ❤ Amy
    PS Any time.

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