I’m living the future so the presence is my past; my presence is a present, kiss my ass


I am 20 years ago, but I am still petrified of Stephen King’s IT. Stephen King’s books have all pretty much freaked me out, but it’s that kind of scary that makes you keep reading despite that nagging urge that you should stop for your own sanity. My cousin CC used to be an avid reader of his short stories. She introduced me to one called ‘The Road Virus Heads North’. It’s a downright bone-chilling tale about a horror author driving home from a book conference and picking up a creepy painting at a yard sale. I won’t give a summary, because it would take away from the suspense! I discovered that there was also a feature film version made in 2004. Not sure if I have the guts to watch it!

I’m also scared of doctor’s appointments, getting really sick, gaining weight, getting anything less than an A and depleting my bank account. These fears are much more realistic than horror stories and the weight they place on my conscience lingers for much longer than the vision of Pennywise’s bloodstained teeth. As a recent upstart to the adult world, I’m faced with a ton of responsibility. I’m forced to be much more practical than I’ve ever been before.

As a teenager in high school, I was in constant pursuit of a good time. I got good grades, but that wasn’t hard to do as a senior who was released from school at 11:30, roaring out of campus via trusty steed Clotilde (’92 Camry) with friends illegally stuffed in the multiple hiding spots my car contained. We’d go to my house, use my dad’s credit card at stores that wouldn’t ID me (or who knew my family), drive the three miles to the beach, eat popcorn at Hollie’s house, laze around downtown where Joyce’s mom reigned as tennis court queen… Sometimes we’d drive all the way out to my house and eat my parents out of house and home. I didn’t do homework, sat on the ‘liberal arts’ table in Physics class, spent the night at my cousin’s party house on Makalani Street – I was invincible. I thought that my life had finally started.

Two years later, I don’t do much of anything. My second job just ended with the close of basketball season, but I still spend hours and hours working for the school newspaper on minimal pay. I have a boyfriend, which is something the high school Amy would be stoked about. I think about the stuff I learn in class around the clock, unlike high school material which just flew out of my head as soon as it entered in. When I daydream about things that would make me happy, I think wistfully about sleeping in, being able to go to yoga class and having the time to cook good meals for myself.

What do you guys remember from high school, and how have your priorities changed since then? 


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